Nokia copying HTC???

There have been quite a few iPhone Lookalikes being sold on Ebay and rumoured by various device manufacturers. 

Engadget is carrying some spy shots of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet....

Now is just me or does this distinctly look like the HTC Hermes or Kaiser?


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  1. IO says:

    I think it’s more that Nokia is going on a trend that HTC is setting…

    This is now the new style and the new approach for the smartphones of the current generation…

    I think the device looks nice, but we shall see how it will develop… I personally don’t fancy the Nokia Tablets…

  2. m@ says:

    What about the Tosh g900? That also follows the HTC president!

    This device is a very early proto and will be running Nokia’s Linux "Maemo" Distribution.

  3. Lots of devices with slide-out keyboards, back to the OQO; Nokia has lots of slide-out number pads. And if it’s like the N770 or the N800 showed at CES, the screen is quite a bit bigger.

  4. Nedved says:

    as far as i know the picture above is not of the nokia n800 as the n800 does not have a slide out qwerty keypad, but nevertheless i do think that a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are starting to follow in the footsteps of htc and in turn htc is not only paving the way but also followng the footsteps of other mobile companies, the htc touch being an example. It all comes down to competition for the market, producing mobile phones targeted at specific users, and as we all know there are many different types of users out there with different needs from their mobile phones, so it would only be correct for a mobile phone company to broaden their portfolio by producing mobile phones for more users.

    heres a link of a nokia phone which is erm just like a htc device, on t-mobile its the vario II i think, but this nokia version has not been released and I am not sure whether it will ever be released.

    personally i love the slide out keyboard and I am a big fan of htc devices using the windows mobile operating system. Finally ( I know you may think this is off topic) I would like to see microsoft producing more software for users of PPC and smartphones, software which is available for the standard desktop pc such as ms project.

  5. I watched with interest to see what Nokia was launching yesterday . Surprisingly the N97 appeared…

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