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One of the regular questions I've had over the course of the two days at MEDC is really around customers looking for device recommendations.  Many customers are looking for a specific business requirement, for example rugged devices with GPS or a 3G device.

Now of course you could spend hours scouring the 50 OEMS of Windows Mobile sites to find all those details however I've often recommended customers just go to

When I just checked they have 786 Handheld devices in their database which can then be searched to identify those devices with GPS, 3G etc.....

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  1. As Jason points out one of the hardest things about buying a new phone/device is knowing how they compare

  2. Guy Gregory says:

    Very useful site! Thanks Jason

  3. m@ says:

    There is only one problem with this site….

    Often they use leaked or rumored device specs which are often wrong or slightly incorrect.

    Its a shame that Microsoft do not have an official db which contains all of the licensed OEMs/ODMs and devices they produce.

    Surely Microsoft have a db containing details on every device (and its specs) which runs their operating system?

  4. Graham G says:

    I’d agree with m@, an official MS table would be a great resource.

    We’re certainly having difficulties maintaining any sort of momentum to retain WM within our organisation becaude of poorly designed, built and featured devices.

    Given that Nokia have their Mail for Exchange client working well enough for most people and their handset build and design quality shows their level of experience in the field we may actually have to drop WM and wait to see what others can come up with in a years time.

    It’s a sad fact, but Mail is still the killer app for us (and I suspect many others) and that combined with cute handsets like the E65 are what is driving our users to a brand that they have used for years.

    Sorry for the rant, but it’s very frustrating!

  5. MSDNArchive says:

    Graham,  M@, Unfortunately many of the OEMs don’t allow us to distribute the complete details on their devices.  We do have some internal lists which I can try and share with you 1:1.  (ping me email)

    Graham – one thing I would be careful of is that whilst the Nokia device supports Exchange Activesync their implementation does not carry many of the features of Windows Mobile.  (ping me email) I’d be happy to share with you the differences.

  6. irblinx says:

    Not sure I agree with Graham’s points. The HTC S710 for example is a superbly featured phone (its little brother the S310 is a cost effective solution for the lower end requirements) and having the option for fully functional PDA/Phones running the same OS makes support a lot easier.

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