MEDC Europe 2007 First Day

Well the first day is nearly over……  after the Keynote this morning, my Security session and a couple of interviews I finally get a chance to blog about MEDC.

There is a real great buzz at MEDC Europe this year and we have far more attendees this year than last!

We have a huge partner pavilion with great support from partners such as Handango, Orange, Motorola and many many others.

One thing I discovered is this really neat docking solution for the HTC Advantage/X7500.

The docking station allows you to connect your HTC Advantage with USB peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse.  It also has a VGA connector and headphone jack.

Very cool!

image image image image

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  1. MicroAngelo says:

    Can you confirm that it works with a keyboard and mouse via those USB ports?

    Did you see it working, or were you told explicitly that this would work by someone at HTC?

    I just ask because most reports suggest the Advantage doesn’t have the capability to do this as it lacks USB host drivers…

    Thanks in advance.

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