Slingplayer Mobile now available for Windows Mobile 6


Slingplayer Mobile has just exited a beta program and they have now released an update to their Mobile client which supports Windows Mobile 6 devices!

If you haven't read any of my previous posts - Slingplayer is a box which essentially rebroadcasts any video output to a PC or Mobile device over the Internet.   This could be your Satellite or Cable box, DVD or any other output.  Best of all you can even control that device as the Slingplayer box uses an IR blaster which you place in front of the device it's controlling to change channel etc....


I have to say that the Slingplayer is one of my favourite pieces of home electronics and enables me to either watch TV or even set things to record whilst I'm away from home.  

Thankfully now the Windows Mobile 6 mobile client is out I can now continue using it on my mobile devices! 

If you want to download the clients you can download a United States, Canadian or UK version of the mobile client.

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