MOOF’ing from the Tree-Office

Today we opened the first ever public ‘tree-office’ in Pimlico Gardens in London.  With 14% of British workers claiming that their favourite place to work would be the beach, and a further 10% who’d love to work from their park or garden, the ‘tree-office’ demonstrates that it is possible to work from anywhere.

This was part of our Mobile Out Of Office (MOOF) initiative in Microsoft which is highlighting the importance of mobile and flexible working.  From our research 73% of people consider the ability to work flexibly a deciding factor when choosing a new job; while 52% of workers believe they would enjoy a less stressful working life as a benefit of working remotely.


You can check out more of the debate over at

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  1. davwil says:

    Nice apache welcome screen at!

    Wot no IIS? 😉

    Cheers David

  2. alex says:

    A great experiment and only sad to hear that you’re not going to continue with it. For more about working from home in the garden, have a look at my Shedworking site at which focuses mostly on garden offices but also includes numerous treehouse offices as well.

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