Wireless Charging

I thought I had found the ultimate solution to my multiple device charging requirements when I found the Igo power solution.  I  now have Igo charger tips for all my devices as well as the chargers for my laptops too 🙂 

Well this innovation in Wireless charging may render that all surplus to requirements. 

WildCharge are going to make available their wireless charging solution on July 9th!

This allows you to just place your device on an inductive charging pad.   I can see every house hold having one of these by the front door so you come in drop your mobile device onto it and then pick it up when you leave fully charged!


You can get more details HERE

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  1. Arne Lovius says:

    Inductive charging can work, but it won’t work directly on the Nicad, Lead Gell, or LiOn batteris that people already have.

    If you replace the batteries with ones that have the required inductive parts then yes, but at the expense of reducing the available capacity due to the space taken up by the inductive parts. This of course won’t be a simple option for devices with fixes batteries, such as those from a certain fruit named company…

    Oh, and the same goes for Tesla based systems that were in the news this week.

    Snake oil anyone ?

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