Pocket Controller Pro v6 released!

If you need to demonstrate Mobile Devices and want a tool to allow you to project what's happening on the device then SOTI's Pocket Controller is a great solution which I've been using for a number of years now.  My favourite feature is that you can have the screen inside a skin showing the device you are using 🙂

They just released v6.0 of the product which provides the following new features:

  • New Vista User Interface - The User Interface has been completely redone to give it a Vista feel and also to make it more intuitive, with in-depth online help and helpful tips
  • New Registry Editor Tool - A new registry editor tool has been integrated into the product, that allows users to browse, change, backup or restore the registry of their mobile device
    New Skin in Window Display Mode - The skin functionality has been greatly improved, users can now view devices in a skin in both windowed and non-windowed modes, new shortcuts have been added to allow quick toggling in and out of skin and windowed modes, additional zoom modes have been added and much more
  • New Skin Catalog Tool - A new Skin Catalog tool has been added that allows for rapid download of skins and groups of skins, the Skin Catalog contains hundreds of skins for virtually every device on the market. Device specifications can also be viewed from within the Skin Catalog tool
  • Performance - Remote Control performance has once again been enhanced, both during connection establishment, as well as the overall responsiveness of remote control
  • Security - New security features allow users to configure a login password, block out certain types of connections, to be notified when a connection to their device is attempted as well as the ability to accept or reject connections
  • Enhanced Drawing Tool - The drawing functionality has been enhanced to make it a very useful tool for training and demonstrations. Users can now draw in a variety of colors, as well quickly toggle in and out of drawing mode Screen Capture - Users can now capture screens to a variety of file formats including PNG, JPG, GIF (Compressed), TIFF and BMP
  • Video Capture - Support for capturing recording video to MS Video 1, and MS WMV formats has been added
  • Vista Support - This version fully supports the new Microsoft Vista Operating System
  • Windows Mobile 6 Support - This version fully supports the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Operating System
  • New Wipe Command - A new wipe command has been added allowing devices to be easily wiped/restored to factory settings. This feature is also useful to remove critical data from the mobile device

You can Try or Buy it HERE

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  1. m@ says:

    Been using Soti for demos and videos/screenshots for some years now, with the latest release they have really out done themselves. The registry editor is very powerful with the ability to import and export .reg files.

    This latest release has removed the need for a number of other applications, it also looks sweet!

    You you use Windows Mobile devices – you need this application.

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