Jawbone Bluetooth Wireless Headset – Wow!

You may have seen my article about Outlook Voice Access.  (Which I still love)

Now one of the problems I've found is that my car is pretty noisy plus sometimes my Windows Mobile Sat Nav would end up having an argument with Exchange....

Exchange - 'To listen to your voicemail say voicemail - to listen to your email'

Sat Nav - 'In 2 miles take the 2nd exit on your left'

Exchange 'I'm sorry I didn't understand that...'

Sat Nav 'In 1 mile take the second exit on your left'

Exchange 'I'm sorry did I hear you say Goodbye'

Now whilst this was amusing for a short while I wanted to figure out a way of still using Outlook Voice Access in my car (with the noise) and not have Sat Nav interrupt it...

I've used quite a lot of Bluetooth headsets and my recent favourite was the Plantronics Voyager 510 but then I tried the Jawbone Bluetooth Wireless Headset.  Now what's special about the Jawbone is that it has 'Military Grade Noise Cancelling Technology'  

I've seen many of my US Colleagues use these and swear by them - Cingular sell them in the US.  I also checked out the Jawbone website which gives an amazing demo of the product.... but I really didn't believe this Military Grade Noise Cancelling Technology... (I've watched two many infomercials in the US I guess)

Expansys in the UK have just taken delivery of stock of them so I thought I'd give it a try...

Wow! Is all I can say.  The Noise Cancellation is nothing short of amazing.  My car doing over about 60 mph gets quite noisy and normally Outlook Voice Access couldn't understand me... similarly if I took a call in the car no-one could hear me so I'd end up shouting louder and louder.

Now with the Jawbone - I can talk normally and people can hear clearly.  Doing 65mph - it sounds like I'm in the Office sat at my desk! It also only amplifies my voice - not the Sat Nav!

Much to my Wife's disgust I was sad enough to call my voicemail and leave myself a message on my voicemail demoing the noise cancellation - take a listen - it is truly staggering! (attached to this post)




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  1. Ross Dargan says:

    Wow – that is very impressive!

  2. Giles Padmore says:

    Just had to go and buy one – thanks for the heads-up

  3. Matt Ward says:

    I’ve just received one of these devices from Expansys, but I’ve not yet managed to test it on the road because I wear spectacles and I’ve found that the ear piece doesn’t remain in my ear because the over-the-ear arms don’t fit properly when I’m also wearing my glasses and they push the ear piece out of my ear after a few seconds, as opposed to holding the ear piece in my ear, which is what they are supposed to do ๐Ÿ™ Has anyone else encounted this problem and have a potential solution? (other than wear contact lenses! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Scott Bedrick says:


    I, like you have tried a variety of bluetooth headsets and the Jawbone is by far the best.  It has become the one BT device I carry with me all of the time.

    Just donโ€™t chew gum while you are on a call ๏Š

  5. Ever felt the need to mask the background noise on your mobile phone? Screaming kids in the background

  6. I’ve blogged many times about the challenges of background noise with mobile devices.  It’s one

  7. Engadget have just provided some insight into the new Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset! I’ve always been a

  8. Engadget have just provided some insight into the new Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset! I've always been

  9. I blogged about it’s impending arrival a while back but Aliph (the makers of the Jawbone headset) has

  10. I blogged about it's impending arrival a while back but Aliph (the makers of the Jawbone headset

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