T-Mobile US announce the T-Mobile Wing

Whilst T-Mobile has been offering the upgrade to the very popular Dash.  They are now the first US operator to provide an out of the box Windows Mobile 6 device!

Launching in T-Mobile retail stores tomorrow and available online now, the Wing is 30% smaller than its predecessor, the MDA, and features Microsoft Office Mobile, Windows Live Services and Live Search as well as Voice Command. The Wing has a blue soft-touch exterior, a newly designed keyboard and Wi-Fi.

You can get more details about the device HERE

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  1. I have been after our T-Mobile account manager to get details on this device for the past two weeks.  He says that T-Mobile UK have no plans for any more Windows Mobile devices in the near future.

    Does anyone else know anything he doesn’t?

    Our own company contract is up for renewal and I personally would love to go down from my 3G TyTn to the Wing.  I know I would loose some speed in the network but I feel the smaller size and Mobile 6 would be worth it.

    Any insight to T-Mobile timescales would be most appreciated…

  2. rudrac says:

    Hello ,

     I got this t-mobile wing. I need to do Hard-reset of this. Do you have any idead how to do it.

    T-mobile  tech support only know’s how to do it thru start menu.

    but I want to know "how to do it thru hardware keys"



  3. whattt says:

    u can press both dash soft keys on the device while it is on … then tap the stylus in the hole on the left side in the middle for a few seconds… it wil then ask u to reset the phone!

  4. Mark says:

    How do you get rid of the 701 text message that alerts you to new email that is coming.  It is annoyint and I get an alert already from my email? Thanks!


  5. Gordon_uf says:


    Check this out!

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  6. Buckster_sit says:

    And some more..

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  7. Gordon_ju says:

    At last…

    <a href=  ></a>  *  

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