Question – Has my blog influenced you?

I'm just in the process of writing an internal report as part of our Web 2.0 strategy for our Mobile division about the impact of my blog.

I started the blog over 18 months ago and I'm trying to measure the impact of my blog.

Now the normal metrics such as hits and posts I can get but I don't think they really convey the impact of a blog.

What I'd really like to hear from you is if :

  • I've changed your perception of  Microsoft or Windows Mobile?
  • Helped you switch from another platform?
  • Helped you at all?
  • Motivated you to do something with Mobility?

I'm really looking for stories so if you have the chance please drop me an email to

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  1. Surur says:

    In the main by proving at least some-one is listening at the Microsoft Monolith, and explaining some of the apparent bizarre decisions made in WM design.

    These may appear to be small things, but I dont think that contribution can be overvalued. Keep up the good work of providing a human face for the WM team.

  2. Nick Cornaglia says:

    I agree with the commenter above. I am happy that there is someone from MS that breaks away to give a personal perspective of WM phones. Almost an off-the-record report of what is going on in Windows Mobile.

    I am already a WM user and have been for a long time, both PPC and SP. But I value your articles, have added your RSS to by daily browsing and most importantly, look forward to and enjoy reading (most) every article you publish.

    You certainly are not the one-stop shop for all WM news. But you have a personal spin on things that make the reader feel as your "one of us"…while giving us the confidence that you are "one of them"!

    You have a knack for relating the most interesting bits of news. And you DO pop up an exclusive now and again. That’s the kind of article that keeps me coming back daily.

    If that all isnt vague enough, know that I have no idea of what your actual credentials are, but respect you as a guru of WM based solely on your blog.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. resource says:

    It’s been very informative, especially knowing you eat your own dog food.

    Hopefully dealing with some of the inadequacies of WM5 and 6 will make WM7 what it needs to be.

  4. maximus says:

    We’re a Microsoft Certified Partner from the UK, and we’re increasingly including mobility into our Server-based solutions. In order to offer the right choice to our customers, we need to know what is happening 3-6 months down the line.

    We’ve always looked to your blog for reliable, current information about the Windows Mobile platform. It is invaluable to have a person on the inside who is able to bring us all the WM news with a UK slant.

    I introduced our company to the concept of Direct Push, following one of your Exchange 2003 roadshows. Having the technology demonstrated live as you did really hits the message home. It’s a technique that we’ve used on many occasions now in order to wow potential customers.

  5. mohsen13 says:


  6. Greg Lowe says:

    It’s nice to know that if things are going on with Windows Mobile that you’ll most likely pick it up (almost like one stop shopping). Has it influenced me? Probably. Why do I come here, because I appreciate candor. I think the resounding theme, is that MS would be less despised (by some) if more people were like you. (well, maybe not EXACTLY like you) 😉

    Now, if you could only turn that influence around toward the Service Providers get that WM6 update released….

  7. nick_randolph says:

    I’m a sucker for new devices and when you announced that the HTC Vox was available via Expansys I just had to go get one.  Given I’m a PPC kinda guy I’d say that you "influenced" me to go smartphone.

    BTW although the Vox is the nicest smartphone I’ve ever used it still doesn’t compare to the flexibility offered by a PPC device.

  8. Paul says:

    You do this blog very professionally, which of course you should, but which of course also means it’s not going to expose a lot of inside-MS-critical thinking (which I’m sure goes on but which, quite properly, isn’t exposed to the public) or longer-term planning and strategies. It’s the official line, which is fine.

    l’d say its greatest value to me as an end-user and IT decision-maker in a small business is the channel it provides to feed some of my views back to Microsoft. And the feeling, as another reader already mentioned, that you are one of us but also one of "them" — a WM user like us, but part of the company that makes the product. It’s nice to have you around to read and, occasionally, talk back to.

  9. ME says:

    I’ve changed your perception of  Microsoft or Windows Mobile?

    Yes, you said that Windows Mobile actually deserves to be the #1 on the mobile SO.

       * Helped you switch from another platform?

    Yes, symbian os… I regret that now.

       * Helped you at all?

    Yes, being payed more.. now that I work with MS.

       * Motivated you to do something with Mobility?

    Yeah… back to Win32… all do you said in your posts that .Net Framework is better, and more recommended… It actually slows the platform.

    Sorry to be the one that says this things on your blog. I find your blog interesting only for news : new devices… new sdks…

    Nothing for a developer.

  10. On The Fence says:

    I’ve found your posts informative and appreciate your blog.  Blogging can be generic "this is what we are officially announcing"-types to something that offers an opinion.  And that’s what you do – offer a voice.

    Personally, I’ve been mulling going to a convergance device (was using Tapwave Zodiac) and I’m pretty sure it will be a WM device.  Specifically, you’ve helped me WAIT until I get something with WM6 from my carrier (PPC-6800 – where are you?).

    Hopefully this, and all the other, feedback will encourage you to keep it up.

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