National Work from Home day today…. are you?

Today is the UK Workwise National Work from Home Day today... 

Are you working from home today?  

It's ironic that despite being Mr Mobile - I'm not... I'm actually enroute to North Wales (Colwyn Bay) to see one of our customers... it was arranged ages ago so I couldn't change it.

Thankfully with my trusty Windows Mobile 6 device it doesn't matter where I am though 🙂



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  1. alasdairford says:

    me … no not today I’m in the office for a change only the 2nd time in three weeks  though – the reasons :

  2. Neil Cowburn says:

    I always work from home and I love it. I’m not too far away from your customer, actually — in Llanberis (home of the Snowdon Mountain Railway).

  3. Ragupathy says:

    I like working from home and I am happy to know about work from home day


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