So Tell Me… are you loving Windows Mobile 6?

With the release of the T-Mobile Dash Upgrade and the Orange SPV E650 and HTC S710 as well as the E-Ten upgrades a number of you should now be experiencing Windows Mobile 6.

I've been running it since very early betas as 'Crossbow' so I've become very used to the advanced capabilities it provides.  Because we get such early access to a lot of beta software in Microsoft we tend to forget how powerful some of the new features/functions are as you take them for granted so quickly (same with Vista)

I'm intrigued to understand what people love/hate/can't live without about Windows Mobile 6.

Here's my list...

Love - Server Search, enhanced Calendar capabilities (particularly seeing attendees and the visual bar), Office Mobile on Smartphone

Hate - Why can't I have Windows Mobile 6 on my Samsung i600 ๐Ÿ™

Can't live without - HTML email, Smartfilter on email, Sending contact information via text message, Windows Live

So what do you love/hate/can't live without?

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  1. Refrax says:

    i like how the MSN messenger can directly send files now.

    i also have the i600 but it is getting quite old.

  2. Eagle117 says:

    No WM6 for my Cingular 3125 so I have no idea.  It’s too bad WM isn’t more like a desktop OS where you can just install it to hardware and it may work and if it doesn’t, then wait for your provider to make something official available.

  3. bryant says:

    I’ve had my S710 for a couple weeks now so here is my list:

    Love: Calendar and task improvemnts

    Hate: How do I get server search? Why does Activesync still pop up when I enable/disable my phone?

    Can’t live without: Office Mobile and my slide-out keyboard

    I’ll probably have more later… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. alasdair says:

    I’ve had the E650 for a little over three weeks – a bit before release ( leverage with Orange ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    because the dogffod message hasn’t quite reached internal IS I’m running WM 5.5 ๐Ÿ˜‰ (by which I mean WM6 with Ex2k3)

    Winners :

    1) Fetchmail – how did I  manage without it?

    2) Mail and text search –  absolutley fabulous but why no search in message body and attachments?

    3) Contact search with # as a space key – I know far too many Daves and Richards

    4) I can invite attendees to meetings on a Smartphone

    5) email triage shortcut keys ( 3 is the magic number, yes it is, it’s the magic number)

    6) the possibility of sending vCards at last although because my company bans MMS I can’t (boo)

    I have no WM6 peeves – mine are with Orange (messenger) and the E650 itself (flaps) but they are very minor  

    there’s a full warts and all at

    I’d appreciate any other peoples experience

  5. Craig H says:

    Anyone have any idea when WM6 will be available for i600 or i607?

    Jason, i know you cant comment on this type of thing. But, even a generalization would be helpful

  6. mvan says:

    Why is Windows Mobile still waiting for aac/m4a support, its not an apple format as most people think just a modern audio format that beats wma/mp3. All the other major phone companies now support this (Sony E & Nokia) so why not MS (they have no problem with Zune!).

    Also why do we still have to purchase third party software to provide outlook notes sync on WM6 smartphones, its integrated into Outlook so why not mobile Outlook?

  7. Guy says:

    Love – Windows Live Messenger, Start menu seems snappier, Predictive text improvements, HTML E-mail

    Hate – Waiting for Orange to get their finger out and release it (officially) for my M5000.

  8. I cannot tell for now because I have to wait for HTC to release the upgrade for the S620. Dash owners have got the WM6 upgrade and I’m wondering why it’s taking so long for the upgrade to come to the rest of us.

  9. alasdairford says:

    annoyed with the lack of ‘add word’ in extended T9 (xT9) – the dictionary is far too limited and I used to be able to add a technical word I was 2/3 through typing but now I have to delete it enter abc mode and start again.

  10. David says:

    Love: it’s all a nice incremental improvement.

    Hate/Detest/MS can’t be serious: How can Windows Mobile 6 not support Office 2007?

  11. Carl says:

    E650 on Orange;


    No "new" option in Office mobile.

    Deleting partnership removes everything that’s been syncd onto the phone.

    Can’t comment on Windows Live Messenger, as Orange removed it.

    General software bugginess, but suggest Orange are at fault for chopping up the OS.


    Shortcut keys when in message lists.

    Filters in message lists

    Trying hard to find some ‘ups’ that I personally use that wasn’t there in WM5.

  12. harry says:

    HTC VOX S710

    Love: smartfilter, UI, Calender, HTML Email, slideout keyboard, windows live msn messenger, Office mobile.

    Hate: When in txt msgs, im used to press left soft key to type new sms but in wm6, its Delete option, i have both wm5 and wm6 devices, i would like it to be consistent menu options.

    A bit slow.

    Why can’t i sigh in to LIVE MSN without synching contacts into my contacts list? if my friends want to use it, i dont want their contacts on my contacts list.

    more later…

  13. Like the HTC S710 (WM6 Std) but !!! says:

    Lack of document spell checker in the WM6 standard just about rules out the phones with this version for me

  14. As I’ve blogged already I’m loving 6 – although I never ran 5 so I can’t say what’s truly new.


    * HTML E-mail with DRM support, move and Flag.

    * WiFi with easy 802.1x enrollment.

    * Voice command

    * Album art in Media player.

    * Orange making installation of one note easy by supporting the mobile to market cert.

    * Higher res and Slide out keyboard on the E650.


    *Cursor stops flashing and FN/Caps keys stop working. (Fix press HOME and then BACK).

    *Have to press Unlock before entering PIN (C500 could just key the PIN).

    * Can’t enter my voice number because it needs # and P *(worked on C500).

    * I’m with David here – Office 2007 – I know support is in the pipeline but the failure to sync releases isn’t great.

  15. James Clarke says:

    Love: HTML email, OOF from phone

    Hate: Windows Media Player is lame and dated.  

  16. Patrick says:

    I’ve got a Cingular Treo 750 so I have no idea.

  17. Adam Z Lein says:

    T-Mobile Wing


    – Voice clips in Live Messenger,

    – Type to Dial from the Today Screen,

    – Included Voice Command,

    – Included Live Search,

    – Windows Media Player library searching by typing.


    – The Delete button in Messaging app (much more difficult to create new SMS messages!! Horrible!),

    – Windows Live Messenger not showing all my contacts,

    – Live Messenger having errors with logging on, sending messages/files, etc.,

    – Live Messenger not loading contact photos,

    – Windows Live Contacts syncing is required if you want to log into Live Messenger,

    – Shortcuts can’t be activated with soft keyboard,

    – Today Screen dialing cannot be activated by soft keyboard,

    – Can’t change sending account anymore in new email messages,

    – Messaging app does not show reply/forward status of messages (nor is it communicated to Exchange/IMAP servers),

    – Draft messages don’t sync with anything (Exchange, Outlook, IMAP); can’t transfer drafts between mobile and desktop.

    – Live Messenger contacts show up in the Contacts app and cause duplicates (no indication of separation of Outlook Contacts, Win Live Contacts, and Messenger Contacts)

    – Can’t navigate the Library view in Windows Media Player using the directional pad.

    – No IMAP IDLE support

  18. inneyeseakay says:

    Running a leaked WM6 Rom on my HTC Wizard and I love it!

    Love: New Calendar Capabilities, New "Glossy" Look To TaskBars

    Hate: There’s never going to be an OFFICIAL WM6 Release for my phone… :'(

    Can’t live without: Slide Out Keyboard, Bluetooth, and WiFi

  19. Some really weird problem. I cannot reply sms`. Application gets stucked inmediately and cannot send mail, not even saving in draft. I have to go back, kill task and then write a clean new e-mail… no reply for me.

  20. I forgot. Mine is HTC S710 unlocked version.

  21. H.K. says:

    HTC P3300:

    Pro: Faster (menu, some applications)

    Contra: shorter batterylife with WM6 (with some software??)

    So I "downgraded" to WM5 again ๐Ÿ™ ….

  22. LoveDaPhone says:

    you mean, apart from the fact it my home wifi config disappeared overnight, that I can’t sms imported contacts not formatted to its liking (it tries to send email instead of sms and complains about no connection), that the interface cannot cope with sliding the keyboard back in and that it insists on using XT9 on the numeric pad? Honestly, the phone is amazing (s710) the software borders on the insulting.

  23. LoveDaPhone says:

    ho yeah, and it fails to connect to hand-configured wifi unless I wait an hour for Windows to notice there are networks available and proudly suggest I connect to one. And it emits beeps whenever it finds a wifi connection….despite wifi notifications turned off.

    And that’s just Wifi…had the phone 3 days and already I wonder how many laughs the design would get from a 5-year old. I dare not switch bluetooth on lest I witness more outrageous stupidity. Go microsoft! the day they make software for toasters is the day you will be happy that one side of your toast is not burnt, and the eve of the day where you start receiving emails from "selected partners" about your bread preferences.

  24. LoveDaPhone says:

    Ho yeah, and Jason, if you wonder why the quality of the software is so laughable, actually the answer came from your very own fingers:

    Hate – Why can’t I have Windows Mobile 6 on my Samsung i600

    Now that kind of constructive criticism will surely elevate the debate. Nothing personal, I know it’s your job and I don’t want you to read this as a personal attack, but face it, microsoft produces mostly crap, and were it not for the very debatable (and debated) manner in which they cornered the hardware manufacturers, the world would still have the internet, mobile phones and databases, they’d just be better.

  25. Gary says:

    Anyone know how to send a SMS message to a phone from a windows XP computer?

  26. With the release of the T-Mobile Dash Upgrade and the Orange SPV E650 and HTC S710 as well as the E-Ten upgrades a number of you should now be experiencing Windows Mobile 6. I’ve been running it since very early betas as ‘Crossbow’ so I’ve become ver

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