Want a way of syncing notes to your windows Mobile device

One of the questions I often get is a method of synchronising the Notes inside Exchange.  I personally don't use Notes as I use OneNote Mobile 2007 but it seems many people do.  (Plus OneNote Mobile doesn't support sync over the air)

Adam contacted me about his application he's written for piggybacking off Exchange Tasks sync and providing a Notepad application on the device.  So whilst it doesn't really fix the problem.. it's a neat workaround.

He's providing the solution free for people to use if they wish...

You can get more details


Straight to the download, prereqs (it's a .net CF 2 app), and source code here:


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  1. adebilloez says:

    Yesss! my FULL PIM will now fully in sync without my PC with my Exchange

  2. Thanks! Works wonderfully on my Treo 750.

  3. Jorge says:

    Great job.

    I’m just downloading it. I’ll test it on a Samsung SGH-i320.


     Jorge Castillo


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