Mobile Internet usage – do you browse the web from your device?

I recently found this interesting press release from M:Metrics which outlines Internet Web usage from Mobile devices.

What's really interesting is that it highlights some really key differences between Web Browsing usage in the US and UK.

In both countries Google is the most browsed web site.  However in the UK it's the Mobile Operator sites that rank highest whilst in the US it's portals such as yahoo, msn and live that are most browsed.

The cynic in me thinks most of this could be down to the Operators hard coding the homepage to their site and T-Mobile use the site as default but I thought it interesting all the same.

The other piece that shocked me was that the US was higher than the UK in Mobile browsing...  the other question is why the spike on a Tuesday in the UK???

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  1. JasperM says:

    I think what I find interesting about the US browsing habits is that there is a upwards slope from Monday to Wednesday, then a slight dip on Thursday, then the highest usage of the work week on Friday.  I wonder if that comments any on the focus of people in relation to their browsing habits. Surely not!? 🙂

  2. alasdairford says:

    I’d say it’s definately the coded homepage effect here – as for why there’s more in the US ?  cost maybe? it’s still too expensive over here IMHO, that’s a massive assumption on my part as I’m not au fait with US data plans if anyone over there could shed some light on this I’d be thankful – in the UK you pay between £25  and £45 ($50 to $100) for an unlimited* data plan dependent on operator

  3. OffBeatMammal says:

    is the spike due to M:Metrics being a US company and not taking into account timezone differences 😉

  4. My guess on the Tuesday spike in the UK would be people looking up the footie scores. Lots of midweek league and some international matches are played on Tuesdays.

    If you’re not able to watch the match live or somewhere on TV, what better way to follow your team than to put up BBC’s live scores on your mobile browser and hit refresh from time to time?

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