RIM announce Blackberry Suite for Windows Mobile

In an interesting move Research in Motion (RIM) have announced a new software application suite that enables Windows Mobile users to get the Blackberry experience.

The new BlackBerry application will appear as an icon on the screen in the same manner as other third-party applications.

Upon clicking the BlackBerry icon, a suite of BlackBerry applications will load and will feature the familiar user interface of a BlackBerry device. The device's existing Windows Mobile applications are preserved, allowing the user to easily and quickly switch between the Windows Mobile applications and the BlackBerry application suite.

This is an interesting move as it does provide a great opportunity for Lotus Domino or Groupwise users to utilise Windows Mobile devices with their backend infrastructure.  It also underpins Windows Mobile as the platform beyond email and may prove somewhat dangerous to RIM as customers have a very easy path to then switch to native Exchange Direct Push. 

Blackberry Connect has always been very limited in use as the experience was always massively deficient compared to a Blackberry device, hopefully this solution which be much closer.

You can read more about the solution which will be available later this year in the press release HERE

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  1. Nigel Leaney says:

    "enables Windows Mobile users to get the Blackberry experience"

    Hmmmm….  No service in North America for an extended period of time?  I can see people queueing up now for that sort of experience 😉

  2. Well the title is a little far fetched but as the response to Mr Mobile’s (aka Jason Langridge) post

  3. J Letendre says:

    Actually I think this is RIM moving away from a device and being a platform.  I think they are aware companies are looking at the other mobile devices that users are asking for but require more security / audit functionality then exchange provides.  BES is a all in one solution for mobility and people need to move beyond it’s an email thing.

    Mobile email was in 2001, we need something solid that offers enterprise level features and this could be huge for other devices.

  4. Jerry Hulzenboom says:

    The Asia Pacific version of the HTC S620, the DOPOD C720w seems already to come with Blackberry connect out of the box on Windows Mobile 5. http://www.dopodasia.com/global/SEA/products/smart_c720w/smart_c720w_fea.html

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