Windows Mobile 6 Standard – can’t create new documents?

I've had a few customers recently getting their HTC S710 devices (the HTC Vox) and they are very confused that they cannot create new documents on the device but they can open and edit existing documents or attachments.

On a Windows Mobile 6 Professional device you can create New documents....

Well here is a little workaround to enable you to create documents on a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device...

Just create a blank document on your PC for Word and Excel and copy them into your My Documents folder.  You can then open these documents and Save them As something else...

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  1. Rabbie Bearns says:

    Nice use of the new WM6 nomenclature!

  2. Hey guys, you know I’m a supporter of the Windows Mobile platform but this is utter, utter nonsense!

    Next we’ll be able to view photos but not take photos, read emails but not create them or receive texts but not send them!

    I’m sure this made sense when trying to figure out the premium features and hence a few more dollars but you got it wrong this time so admit it quickly and move on.


  3. Kevin Daly says:

    Is this *only* WM6 Standard we’re talking about?

    That which in a simpler, gentler, saner time was known as Smartphone?

    If that’s the case I won’t be losing any sleep…do we *really* need to be creating Office documents on cellphones?

    There are some cases where you just have to accept that God meant you to use a Pocket PC instead.

  4. Catrane says:

    It does seem painfully strange to have left out such an obvious feature.  But as a programmer it occurs to me that reading and writing a file is the essential feature and the ability to create a new file just more code to write and debug.

    I guess if you’re going to cut corners, this is a way the company can either save some cash or make a deadline without truly creating any limitations on what the user can do.

    Alas, the woes of business.  But hey, I’m a touchscreen guy so I win! 🙂

  5. Anti-fanboy says:

    This is yet another backwards move from Microsoft by crippling newer versions of popular products, and to force users to move away from them.

    Also a move to confuse things even more and make users more irate then they need be.

  6. WMExperts says:

    I’ve complained about Microsoft’s boneheaded decision to keep WM6 Standard Edition from being able to *create* office docs natively before. Why on earth would they allow that to happen? Well, Jason Landridge offers this little tip: > *Just create a blank

  7. Like the HTC S710 (WM6 Std) but !!! says:

    Another big negative of WM6 Std for me is no spell checker and when you are as losey a speler as me that’s a big thing !!

    Even if you can’t officially create word docs the spell checker would be great for emails

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