Blackberry Humour

My final post on this...

A quick bit of humour to cheer up those Blackberry users in the US impacted by today's outage...



Who's there?


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  1. sowhenwillMSgetthereacttogether says:

    Concentrate on giving us a scalable secure manageable solution than supports applications through a single tunnel and we’re with you, otherwise don’t bash the people who are doing it today, if Exchange had the uptime the Rim Relay had we’d all be happy!

  2. Loke Uei says:

    Look at this at Engadget ( :

    New York suffered similar end-of-the-world-like disbelief, as "one Wall Street analyst said she kept hitting her BlackBerry’s version of a ‘refresh’ button, not believing that the system could fail." Also in New York, Charles Ross, a criminal defense lawyer, was left feeling "vulnerable and uncomfortable."

    Yes, that’s how we’re strangely feeling right now: vulnerable and uncomfortable.

  3. Samuel says:

    I have tested the push email solution with a few Windows mobile devices, phone or smartphone and i hate to say that the exchange push email functionality still vulnerable.

    The GPRS connection failed to re-connect if i’m in the area which doesn’t have the GPRS connection for a while and got back to the area which have GPRS coverage. Tested with smartphone and phone and the outcome still the same. All i need to do to overcome this is to either turn on the flight mode and turn it back off or soft-reset the phone.

    For those who using cert based authentication, some of the devices also may experience the certificate store corruption during certificate enrollment via desktop. Even the user doesn’t perform any certificate enrollment before! I’ve checked this with OEM, microsoft and so on and the advice i’ve got from them is, Cold-boot the device. I can’t possibly ask customer to everytime cold-boot their device just to enable the push email services as they might have some important data/application in their devices.

    This is the first time i heard of blackberry service outage, but i really never heard of blackberry has the certificate store corruption, connection lost which cause the push email outage, requesting customer to cold-boot their device and so on.

  4. Ron says:

    LOL.  That is hilarious.

    Some of these Blackberry users take themselves too seriously.  Life is too short guys!

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