DeepFish – Revolutionary new Browser for Windows Mobile

As well as our announcement around ZenZui - we also yesterday announced the Deepfish technology from our Live Labs team.

This is an incredible new browser technology for Windows Mobile  that allows you to browse real PC designed websites from your mobile device and navigate them really easily. 

The technology also includes some really smart caching capability which means pages load really fast!

It was available for download HERE however the signups have been completely exhausted!

I actually recorded a short video this morning to show you how cool it is!

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  1. JasperM says:

    The download did not work for me

    "Thanks you for your interest in Deepfish; At this time the tech preview has reached the limit of initially available installations. We will send you a notification if we make additional spots available at a later date. "

    Slightly disappointed…(crushed)


  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hey Jasper – I did say… It was available for download HERE however the signups have been completely exhausted! 🙁

    Let’s hope they open it up more…

  3. JasperM says:

    My eagerness overwhelmed my ability to read…I had also accessed the article and download page from, before reading it on your much more informative blog…

    Here is what they state:

    "It’s free and you won’t have to wait for an update to be pushed out through your cellular carrier to get it, you can download it now. "

    With the "now" being the hyperlink.


  4. Scott says:

    Gee, real helpful to blog about it AFTER the signups are unavailable

  5. Dave Kulick says:

    Oops, never mind, the video showed up when I refreshed.

  6. Editors Note: If you want this download, be aware that the preview has already reached its limit however

  7. Jason says:

    Sorry Scott but it looks like it got max’d as soon as I saw it first thing this morning (UK time)

  8. JasperM says:

    They were maxed out in the morning for me as well (US Central).  I was crushed…

    Jason, how did you record that? I see the Soti icon, but how did you just record the windows mobile screen and not the entire desktop?

    I’ve been looking into wink or py2swf to create videos for our support teams when doing processes.


  9. Laurent says:

    I was lucky to get a version of deepFish. Here you’ll find 12 screenshots of DeepFish in action :

    Enjoy !

  10. Through the week I’ve been thinking about the iPhone. I was in the Windows Mobile team when we launched

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