Backup/Restore of Windows Mobile devices

Over the weekend I had to swap my Wife's very broken QTEK8500 (as she'd dropped it repeatedly) for a new one I'd got her.

Normally I'd use Jeyo Mobile to copy contacts and all the other information off however this time I decided to try Sprite Backup to perform the switch.

Sprite are the same people who wrote the famous 'Ghost' software for PC's many years ago.  Their Backup solution offers something very similar. 

Essentially you install their Backup Software to your device... run the backup and it then creates a full backup onto your storage card. 

All I then had to do was get the new device and put the MicroSD Card in... run the Sprite installation and it restored all the data onto the new Smartphone.

Their site offers a free trial so it's definately worth looking at if you need to backup your personal device or if you want to look at imaging devices through their Sprite Clone solution. 

They even have an ROI Calculator for their cloning solution

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  1. Paul Spain says:

    Sounds like a good product. You may recall that from v1 Palm’s desktop application always created a full sync of your PalmPilot to your PC. You could then re-sync this to a new device. Why can’t ActiveSync offer similar functionality – including via wireless?

  2. Crammy says:

    I remember back to the days of iPaq 4150 which included a free backup/restore tool built into the rom!  This could automatically backup your settings on a low battery to a SD card.

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Paul – Activesync in it’s infancy did have a backup facility but it was pretty raw… The wireless piece is more a concern around security

    As Crammy mentions – many devices had this functionality built into the devices

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