HTC announce the Shift – a UMPC and Windows Mobile 6 Advantage!

Even before CTIA really got started HTC was announcing new devices!

The HTC Shift is a ‘shift’ (excuse the pun) from HTC into the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) market. 

Available later this year in the US the Shift is a Vista Ready device that has a 7-inch widescreen touch display, a 30 GB hard drive and a slide-open QWERTY keyboard.

Shift is slightly bigger than the mini-laptop offerings from OQO and FlipStart but a whole lot smaller than standard or sub-compact laptops you’re familiar with.

The Shift isn’t lacking for connectivity with support for 3G tri-band UMTS/HSDPA, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity as standard. 

It also has an inbuilt bio-metric fingerprint reader.

HTC also announced a Windows Mobile 6 version of the HTC Advantage which has similar connectivity to the Shift but has a 6GB Hard Drive in it along with 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM. 

The screen is slightly smaller at 5″. 

You can check out more details HERE

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  1. Colin Walker says:

    Must admit, the shift does look awesome – woke up to a Bloglines list full of it 😉

    Finally, a UMPC which could really make me part with some cash!

  2. alasdairford says:

    doesn’t the advantage have an 8 Mbyte HDD as the WM 5.0 variant? seems a bit odd to reduce that capacity unless it’s power or a typo 🙂

  3. Krip says:

    Yep it’s nice to see HTC enter the UMPC space.  Still, I think I prefer a Windows Mobile device over an XP or Vista one.  Requires less resources (e.g. RAM), boots and shuts down quicker and sync’s well.


    P.S. I think it’s an 8GB drive, not 6GB.

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