[OFF TOPIC] Whats the difference between XBOX 360 and PS3

Well about £146... and our Marketing team sent a number of journalists that difference in Beer to welcome Sony to the next generation of gaming!

I love this kind of Marketing - made me laugh out loud when I saw the article on C&VG's site

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  1. irblinx says:

    Very funny, if not totally true! Start by deducting the price of 1 yrs Live Gold membership and a recharging pack for the controller, oh and what about the cost of the HD DVD player too?

    Having played with the PS3 for a couple of days now I have to say that once the good games turn up my 360 might just be gathering dust.

    The biggest difference is that the PS3 just works whereas the 360 is so tempremental that it’s lucky not to have left via the window on a few occasions (about to go back to MS as soon as I get around to phoning up!)

    Overall though, it’s great that all the current gen consoles are now available, let’s hope the competition leads to some stellar games on all three. I also love this kind of competition baiting, I remember the Amiga CD32 advert "to be this good will take Sega ages". We want more :o)

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