New release of Bluetooth should provide enhanced security and data rates

Last week the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced a new release of the Bluetooth standard that will provide enhanced security and also ease the pain/challenge of pairing devices.

The demonstrations showed that pairing took 2-3 steps rather than 20 which it can in existing Bluetooth devices.

This should hopefully improve the fact that despite Bluetooth being in pretty much every device (over 1 billion) only 30% of people actually use it.

Power consumption was also reduced by about five times using improved algorithms that put the chip to sleep when not in use.

Devices using Version 2.1 are expected to start shipping in the next couple of months.

You can read more HERE

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  1. JasperM says:

    Here is a really cool video showcasing the new standard, also the optional feature of "near field communication."  My immediate questions about NFC are "How close do I have to be?" What secruity precautions are there? (It doesn’t seem to require a pairing process) Time to get the BT specs…

    Also a great "Touch to pair" tags.  This one shows a prototype with a Nokia phone and a "Touch to Pair" tag on a headset manual to pair with a hands free device.

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