Samsung Blackjack vs RIM Blackberry 8800

CNET's review team did a prizefight review of the Samsung Blackjack vs the RIM Blackberry 8800...

As a spoiler - the Blackjack won!

To quote CNET - Ouch. The RIM BlackBerry 8800 almost took out the Samsung BlackJack in the first two rounds, but it really didn't have a chance. With its slim profile, a plethora of wireless and multimedia options, and solid call quality, the BlackJack simply overpowered the camera-less, 3G-deficient BlackBerry 8800. One can only hope that RIM comes back stronger with the rumored BlackBerry 8820. Until then, the BlackJack retains its crown.

You can check out the whole review HERE

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  1. JasperM says:

    Chalk one up to Samsung… 🙂

  2. Rob Evans says:

    Can you get the Blackjack in the UK? I recall reading you managed to get your hands on one. I haven’t been able to pin one down either on a UK operator or via eBay.

  3. Fixer says:

    Rob see however note that the estimated days have been rescheduled many times over the last two months.

    Although a nice read I am suprised that battery life was not considered in the tests and unfortunatley the i600 does lose out in this area even though a second battery is supplied and large capacity batteries are available in the US

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Rob,  as Fixer mentions you can get it soon from Expansys and I know some operators are looking at it too!

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