– getting outlook calendar entries for Formula 1 season and other important events

This weekend saw the first race of the new Formula 1 season!  I almost missed it as March seems to have come round very fast!

I used to use for getting the race dates into my Outlook (and onto my device) however they don't seem to have Formula 1 on their site.

So rather than entering them all manually I spent a few minutes searching and found - this site has a whole host of user generated calendars of events which you can import into Outlook and other calendering software!

The Formula 1 season calendar was here!

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  1. Jason, thnxs for mentioning us and nice to hear that we could help you out! For those interested we also offer the calendar that includes pratices and qualifying. Take a look at <a href="/jasonlan/archive/2006/09.aspx">F1 calendar – practices, qualifying, races</a>

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