Pocket Outlook tops Mobile email client setup benchmark

A study by Strategy Analytics benchmarked 4 email clients in terms of configuration for POP3 and found that 100% of users could setup the Windows Mobile device.

Overall Ratings: Email Setup
(Source: Strategy Analytics)

In particular, users praised Pocket Outlook's setup wizard. According to Strategy Analytics "user experience analyst" Paul Brown, "Participants showed a strong preference for an on-device wizard approach to email setup. Step-by-step guidance through the setup process makes it very difficult for participants to actually go wrong."

In contrast, "None of the participants were able to setup an email account on the BlackBerry device without assistance," added Kevin Nolan, director of the Strategy Analytics's User Experience Labs. "Every participant felt it was counterintuitive to be required to access the web browser in order to setup a new email account."

You can check out more details HERE

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