Microsoft device emulator v2.0 released

Yesterday our team released the Device Emulator v2.0.   This version of the Emulator has upgraded performance and some new features.

The Device Emulator V2.0 is required for application development targeting Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 from Visual Studio 2005. This emulator is also required if your system is running Windows Vista.

You can download it from HERE

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  1. Churchill says:

    JAson, when will the WM 6 images for this emulator going to be available. I am not in the mood to bloat my machine with full scale SQL server just to be able to show to clients the new mobile OS. So the WM 6 SDK is not an option for me. This Device emulator 2.0 is great news, but we need something to load into it 🙂

  2. El Bruno says:

    Buenas directo al grano: el nuevo emulador para Devices para Visual Studio está liberado desde el lunes.

  3. Yeah! I’ve been running the CTP for so long that I forgot its was a CTP 🙂 Peter Yesterday our team

  4. WMExperts says:

    If you’re running Vista and interested in developing for Windows Mobile 6, it’s worth the download I’m sure…. This version of the Emulator has upgraded performance and some new features Read: Jason Langridge’s WebLog – MR Mobile

  5. Are you developing applications for Windows Mobile? If you are, Microsoft just released version 2 of

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