IPhone vs Windows Mobile

This video up on YouTube shows the IPhone features vs a Windows Mobile device.  It's annotated in German but is fairly obvious to understand from the Video.


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  1. santapclaus says:

    Interesting to see how both the WM and Iphone functionalities are similar in many many ways. I am sure that we could all live with an extra click here and there by either a stylus or button. Yet again, I am not sure if I can handle crash after crash from the notorious Microsoft. But on the flip side, Im not sure Id enjoy forking over beaucoudles of cash for a phone. My car doesnt even cost as much as I would have to pay for the phone.

    Either way, the advances are incredible and by the looks of it, LG and Acatel are on their way with touchy turny feely groovy phones too. Will the Iphone remain at its high price with this new competition coming? Of course it will! Or it would have to change its whole pricing strategies for all its other equipment.

    Great video and I look forward to more.

  2. Jacob says:

    Not knowing German or the source of this video… my impression is that they are showing how tedious Windows Mobile is, as compared to the iPhone.

    That was my impression the whole time. The iPhone seems faster, you don’t have to set you device down and whip out a user-unfriendly stylus to tap tiny widgets. If you watch the video, the demonstrator "mis-taps" with the stylus quite a few times.

    The stylus is clunky. One-handed operations — possibly with big buttons to tap with your fingertips is the future (and really, the now).

    This is what Windows Mobile should be doing: eliminating pop-up menus as much as possible, encouraging fingertaps and dumping the stylus paradigm, moving to one-handed operations. The smartphone edition already is leagues ahead of the Pocket PC edition, with its menus, better focus on smart keys, etc.

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