Vista Gadget – Mobile phone voice mail have made available a really cool Vista Gadget which allows you to see your voicemail on your Vista PC!

CallWave Voicemail Widget


To use it - you have setup an account with them (they support most of the US operators). 

After setting up an account you get an email with .wav attachment anytime someone leaves you a voice mail on your mobile phone.

You can then see those voicemails and listen to them via the Vista Gadget!

I'd love to see a Vista Gadget that allowed you to access your Windows Mobile Device! Anyone got one they are building?

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  1. Bradders says:

    Hey Jason,

    Do you know if this works with any of the UK operators, (thinking of Orange…)?

    Thank you!

  2. Josh Holmes says:

    Via Jason Landgridge – You can get your mobile voicemail sent right to your PC either in email or on

  3. Bram says:

    I’m a Product Manager at CallWave.

    Bradders, the gadget currently requires a US mobile number. We could change this  to include UK numbers. Does Orange UK support conditional call forwarding? (aka call diverting)

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