Even More Windows Mobile 6 questions….

Well the questions/comments are still coming in thick and fast!

I had bunch of new questions posted on the blog articles so let me try and answer them as well πŸ™‚


Q. Does WM6 support 320x320 resolution?

A. Yes it does support 320x320

Q. Where can I download a copy of Windows Mobile 6 Standard for Smartphone?????

A. The most common question I get πŸ™‚ You have to talk with your OEM/Operator to get the upgrade unfortunately.

Q. Does WM6 comes with pre-installed Adobe Flash player for the bowser?

A. No

Q. Is the Windows Mobile 6 Phone edition now improved with long missed features, like SMS-Counter, Stop Watch or other functions, every normal Phone can do since many years?

A. Sorry - no πŸ™ Stop Watch is not in Pocket PC... there are some great 3rd party applications for that though

Q. Does PIE in any version of WM6 support ActiveX controls?  This will be very useful for certain applications, including access to and remote monitoring of IP video cameras.

A. No it does not.

Q. Any movement to supporting a standard API for barcode/RFID devices?

Symbol, DataLogic, Intermec, Psion etc...  all do it differently.

A. Not currently I'm afraid.

Q. Does it include text to speech engine as desktop Windows? Or do we still need to buy 3rd party? Its handy when it reads out incoming sms while driving +tons of other things.

A. Windows Mobile 6 can include Voice Command 1.6

Q. Will I be able to make a phone call on line 2 with WM6pro or does Bill Gates still think we should only have one number?

A. You should be able to if the operator has enabled that functionality πŸ™‚

Q. *cry* still no console mode with the Terminal Server client πŸ™

A. Sorry πŸ™

Q. Can i upgrade my Imate K-JAM to Windows Mobile CrossBow

A. You will need to check with i-mate but I don't think there is an upgrade planned for this device.

Q. i am a treo user exploring a switch to WM6... am I to understand in WM5 that you can not copy and paste between applications?

Can someone please conmfirm that you CAN copy and paste between applications freely in WM6?

A. You cannot copy/pase on Windows Mobile 6 Standard but you can on Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

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  1. JasperM says:

    Good list, one more question, if you have the time or inclination to response I would greatly appreciate it.  Is there a compiled list of options that require Exchange 2007 to work?  Changing meeting requests, Changing/viewing attendees etc…I am attempting to compile training documentation.

  2. cf chong says:

    can we disable the email read receipt in this new version?

  3. cf chong says:

    can we disable the email read receipt in this new version?

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Sorry – no you can’t disable read receipt

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