Modaco discovers what Orange NL is up to…

Modaco posted the Orange Netherlands handset portfolio which looks comprehensive to say the least!!

SPV C100 (HTC S310 in UK), SPV C600, SPV F600 (HTC StrTrk), SPV M600, SPV M650 and SPV M700

One interesting addition was the soon to be coming Orange SPV 'Vox' which I believe to be the Orange E650 as announced at 3GSM.... note the slight error on running Windows Mobile 5.0....... Sure they meant Windows Mobile 6!

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  1. John Burn says:

    [Quote] Sure they meant Windows Mobile 6! [/Quote]

    No, they meant WM5.0! It will probably take a year for WM6 to filter from MS to the OEMs to the operators to the end users, because each level has to do its own customization, testing and certification. Besides, HTC has already publically and privately announced that they are not planning to release any WM6 upgrades for any existing phones, even their flagship TyTN. This is one of the things about Windows Mobile that really annoys users like myself. MS announces its availability, but we can’t get it. We’re being held hostage by the OEMs and operators. Kinda like going to Best Buy to buy an Acer laptop, but I can’t get Windows Vista on it because Best Buy and Acer haven’t tested it and "crippled" it to their liking yet!


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