Blackjack or htc s620/Dash

I have a dilemma... I just got hold of a Samsung Blackjack and as you may have read I'm loving the HTC S620. 

So which one should I use as my primary device?

After using the Blackjack for the past day or so... here is my brief summary...

The Voice Quality on the Blackjack seems to be a little better - saying that it just seems to be louder outside of the actual device itself.   

The keyboard on the Blackjack is much more pronounced than the S620 however I have got used to the S620 keyboard now.  One thing that is much better is on the Blackjack is that the * and # keys are in the right place (either side of the 0 key) as I've lost count the number of times I've incorrectly dialed into a conference call.

The scroll wheel on the Blackjack is good and gets all my Blackberry totting customers excited however I've got used to the Jogger on the Dash.

The Blackjack has 3G and HSDPA, the Dash is 2.5G.....

My big downer on the Blackjack however are the proprietary connectors... even worse I'm not sure the device charges via USB..... 🙁

So with all that taken into consideration.... what am I going to use... well I'm going to try the Blackjack for a few days and see how I get on. 

I'd be interested to hear thoughts from those who have tried both....

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  1. smthng says:

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve had a Blackjack for about two months now and am fairly happy with it.  Here are a few things that might help you out…

    The BJ will charge via USB, but usually only if you have Activesync installed (a lot of WM5 devices are like that).  A workaround is to go to Settings, Connections, USB and change the mode to Mass Storage.  That makes the device show up on your desktop as a USB drive and will allow it to charge without needing Activesync.  I generally only do this if I need a quick charge at a friend’s house or something.

    Another one that’s not advertised a whole lot is to hold down the Home key to get task manager.  Quite useful.

    Also, try changing the homescreen to Samsung Popup…  I find this WAY more useful than the standard one.

    Finally, there are "adaptors" available for the connector if you dig enough.  My fav is one to connect to a standard headphone cable.  This allows me to use the media functions on my FM transmitter when driving.  I’ve got a few more tips on my site (although it’s still quite bare).  I may post up some others here as I get time.  

    Oh, one more… google "Cingular Blackjack Extended Battery" for a free extended battery… trust me, you’ll need it.

  2. Andrew Rice says:

    I have a Blackjack at the moment and after a few stalled attempts at getting used to the Cingular customisation I really prefer it to the S620.

    The S620 keyboard is just not postive enough and I have found it too easy to make mistakes. There is also the astehetics of the device which are frankly…poor.

    The wheel takes a bit of getting used to and I only recently found out that you could press and hold to get a quick launcher…never read manuals!

    I have also used the Samsung i320 and loved that but the battery life sucked.

    Just wish Samsung would hurry up and launch the i600 in Europe soon as it will be the best specified QWERTY device around.

  3. JasperM says:

    A few other quick keys which may, or may not, be helpful:

    FN + B : Turns Bluetooth On/Off

    FN + C: Launch Cingular Mall

    FN + M: Launch Cingular Music

    FN + W: Launch MEdia Net

    FN + V: Launch Cingular Video

    Holding down the ESC or back Key, the key below the scroll wheel, for a few seconds will bring up the camera.

    I, too, prefer the pop-up Home Screen layout, one of the things I really like about that is that if you are playing music you can control the media player without having it running on screen.  Pretty much the same way that WMP shows up in the taskbar in XP.

    Also, if your ever attempting to play music with the built in speaker on the BlackJack and it isn’t loud enough even though you’ve turned it up in WMP, try to increase the volume with the earpiece volume buttons to the left of the screen above the charging/data port.

    Also, one of my favorite programs, though its only a trail, is the MusicID which is under Cingular music.  Basically it samples music playing over the radio, or an audio source then uploads a sample to a server and returns the group, album, and song name.  Its really nifty.

    It correctly Identified Muse – Knights of Cydonia, and some Angels and Airwaves songs.

    I haven’t used the Dash…they wouldn’t let me carry one anyways…

  4. DanITman says:

    I currently use the S620/Dash and the only thing I miss is the Wheel.  The touch pad sensor on the dash is horrible.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve handed the phone to and had to tell them not to touch the side of it.

  5. Fixer says:

    If you don’t get on with the Blackjack you can send it my way!……here’s hoping 😉

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Folks, Thanks for the comments!  

    I’m LOVING the HSDPA!!! I was in London today and I fired it up as my modem!  Woooahhhh….

  7. James S says:

    Hi I was thinking of getting one of these off ebay thats unlocked then using it in the UK with my t-mobile SIM does anyone have any experience of using these in the UK? Jason excellent BLOG by the way!.

  8. MSDN Archive says:

    James S – Yep – works fine

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