Windows Vista – moving laptop – easy peasy!

Wow!  I was totally blown away today.....

I've been running Vista on my Toshiba M400 and found it great... one problem though... I had some thunderflys caught under the screen which was really annoying.

My colleague offered to loan me an IBM Thinkpad T60 whilst the M400 was being repaired...

I initially thought - there goes my day getting the new machine setup...

How wrong I was.

I just took out the Hard Drive from my M400 and put it in the T60.

Vista booted first time and then installed all the new necessary drivers... All I had to do was go into the Control Panel to change the screen resolution and my machine was fully operational... it took 10 minutes!!!!

Having been around in the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS days, created numerous machine builds and spent way too much time with Ghost... I was massively impressed how easily Vista coped with swapping to a completely different set of hardware!!

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  1. Paul says:

    Great to know — REALLY great to know. I wouldn’t even have bothered trying it, but this solves a dilemma I’ve had in the last couple of days — get a new laptop and lose a day (plus), or stick with the one I’ve got for now. Looks like I can get a new one — good news, and great post.

    Just one question: what happens to my OEM Office 2007 activation? (The situation is that I received a defective-hardware laptop from Dell and, because it’s brand new and a top-of-line model (Precision M65), I am going to try to get them to replace the whole thing with a new one, keeping only the hard drive…)

  2. Satpal Dhaliwal says:

    Thanks Jason

    Great to know .. but I somehow feel that this won’t help the average joe out.

    Didn’t your user friendly colleagues in the US decide that the Vista licence doesn’t allow you to move to another machine? My understanding is that if you have bought a machine with Vista preloaded, then it is only allowed to reside on that machine.



  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Sat, Paul – yep you have to re-authorise your installs……

  4. George Johnson says:

    Great tip!  Luckily Macs have been able to do this for years. Actually, over a decade or two.  (Well, except for all the activation stuff)

  5. MSDNArchive says:


    It’s easy when you have a pretty limited set of hardware like the Mac… I swapped entire machine – every single component was different….

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