Windows Mobile Mini Photo’s

I blogged a while back about the cool new Windows Mobile Mini we had!  So far I've had about 10 pictures of the car sent to me... all of it sat outside our HQ in Reading.... so I feel I need to refine the rules of my goodie payout!

If you see the Windows Mobile Mini - anywhere except Microsoft HQ.... please take a picture of it and I'll send you some Windows Mobile goodies!

Sarah also questioned if I'd come good with my deal - which I have 🙂

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  1. Churchill says:

    Jason, for us in The Netherlands it is impossible to spot it… But if you send us some sticker I am prepared to stick it on my Renault Modus.

  2. Yeah I’d like a few goodies to review on PocketSynch but short of flying in and camping outside MSHQ waiting for the mini to leave I don’t see us getting any photos.

    How about I just write an article about this contest and leave it featured on our site for 5 days 🙂

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