Windows Mobile 6 is a GO!

Wonder why my blog has been a little quiet - well I've been briefing our internal teams about the next release of Windows Mobile at Microsoft's internal technical conference called TechReady!

There have been lots of rumours/discussion about what the next release of Windows Mobile would be called after it's codename of 'Crossbow'

So here it is - the next release of Windows Mobile will be called Windows Mobile 6!

Windows Mobile 6 continues the evolution and innovation of Windows Mobile to bring great features such as HTML email, Smart Filtering of emails, Calendering enhancements (such as the ability to set your out of office) and the integration of Live Services. 

Windows Mobile 6 will be announced next week at 3GSM so look for more details then. 

(Before you ask me for whether your device can be upgraded/which devices will carry it.... 😉   )

I'll be busy blogging next week .......

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  1. Oon Jin says:

    I remembered during the medc 2006 announced that photon would be named windows mobile 6.0 and now the name belong to crossbow.

    Just wonder why microsoft now switch the name to crossbow instead of photon. Any idea ?

  2. Graham G says:

    Good to know. Be interesting to see if it allows you to see up folders other than the root Contacts as your contact list. That’s been driving me nuts for years!


  3. So I’m not the first, and won’t be the last, to blog about this but I just thought I’d add the appropriate

  4. Dale says:

    Speaking of confusing names….

    I read that the next Windows Mobile after WM6 will be the one to use Win CE 6.

    So why not call this new one WM5.5, and the next one (using Win CE 6) Windows Mobile 6 – to try and keep the WM and Win CE version numbers in sync?

  5. Well it looks like it’s out .. well nearly, officially it’s Monday 12th February 2007. Jason has a series

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