Vista launched

Windows Vista was officially launched by Bill Gates at Times Square yesterday.  You can watch the webcast here

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  1. Gege from Paris says:

    For my telephone this is not good news, but rather loss of time and money…

    I was so glad to install Vista on my PC after all the , but my PC  gets now stuck while I am upgrading the WM5 ROM of my smartphone.

    A suspect a bug in WMDC…

    I have lost 3 hours on this issue this afternoon and the soft reset of my mobile does not work any more….

    I am in the middle of nowhere….

    Can you please give a solution.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Gege – if you were upgrading your ROM and it gets stuck upgrading I suspect that the upgrade may not be supported under Vista.  Have you tried upgrading the ROM on another XP Machine in case?

  3. That is what I have done on a friend PC.

    How come that Vista does not support RUU under WMDC??

    This is apparently a known bug.

    A hacker seems to have found the clue on <a href=’">xda-developers</a&gt;….

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Gege – I don’t think the tools to allow RUU updates have been ported to Vista yet hence the issue you have had.  

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