What devices am I carrying? (Jan update)

I got reminded by a customer yesterday that I hadn't updated my - What devices am I carrying - post for sometime. 

If you've read my blog you will know that I was a huge fan of the Treo 750 (and still am) but something happened just before Christmas that caused me to change my device...

I had a customer who was having a problem with their Treo 750 battery (which actually turned out to be a broken charger) so I gave them my battery out of my phone.

I had just been sent an HTC Excalibur/S620 device by one of my US colleagues so I swapped my SIM to that device.  

Interestingly I've always been a Pocket PC guy as I preferred the stylus input and used it a lot to take notes on the device.  

I forced myself to use the HTC S620 just to see how I would fair with a Smartphone/Non-Touchscreen keyboarded device.  I have to admit for the first couple of days I would stab in vain at the screen to select the soft keys and certain options but following that short period of insanity I've adjusted to the Smartphone.

If you haven't had a chance to get hands on with an S620 (T-Mobile Dash)  you will be amazed by how small it is.  

The two things I am most amazed by however were:

1) Battery life - I have never seen the battery low warning ever.... I do charge the device every night (as I also need to be recharged as my standby/talk time is only 16hrs) but it also runs for a whole weekend from Friday to Monday without issue either.   This is with Bluetooth turned on, Push Email enabled and Newsbreak pulling down my RSS Feeds regularly.

2) The JOGGR - If you haven't tried the S620 or Dash - on the right of the device is a non-mechnical jog wheel for navigation. I thought this was a bit of gimmick to start with however I now use it frequently not to move up down in my mailbox but actually to help me speedread/find content in emails themselves.  The JOGGR operates by sliding your finger up/down the right side of the device.  The further down you are the faster it scrolls, the closer to the centre - the slower it scrolls.  It's actually quite handy.

Now apart fron the S620 the other devices I'm carrying are:

  • O2 XDA Orbit - this is a fantastic Pocket PC Phone device with integrated GPS.  I'm running ALK Co-Pilot on it for my Sat Nav
  • Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 - now this device isn't the prettiest devices but it certainly shows off pretty much every technology/feature you can have in Windows Mobile - 3G, WiFi B&G, GPS integrated, QWERTY Keyboard etc..... It's the Hummer of Windows Mobile devices 🙂
  • i-mate SPL - This is the Windows Mobile Smartphone that has a lot in common with the Motorola SLVR... great Smartphone device!

There are a few other secret devices I'm carrying that I can't share unfortunately.... more on those as they get announced 🙂

Oh.. and of course my Zune 🙂

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  1. I’m using the HTC S620 too and it’s surely a great device. I’m hardly using my Pocket PC now. By the way, consider Mauritius when you’ll be dumping your devices. 🙂

  2. Graham Moore says:

    Wow, must have some BIG pockets 🙂

  3. DanITman says:

    I love how you always throw in that last sentence about the devices that you can’t talk about.  Classic 🙂

  4. Jonathan says:

    I got the S620 this week and I’m very impressed with it too so far, although I haven’t been able to do much with it since my 2Gb microsd card was DOA.

    Reading your post though Jason did make me wonder how many devices you have to carry before you’re less "Mr Mobile" and more "Mr Weighed-Down" 😉

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Jonathan – the joke always is that I’m Mr Mobile yet always have the biggest bag…. 🙂

    Graham Moore – luckily my trust Crumpler bag keeps them all safe…. 🙂

  6. if you get a chance, check out the i-mate jaq3 (http://www.clubimate.com/t-DETAILS_JAQ3.aspx) – best of PocketPC in a Dash body 😉

    if only it had GPS as well 😉

  7. Nick Dunklee says:

    So you’re liking the HTC S620? Good stuff! I read your post about A2DP a while back, curious, have you tried A2DP on this device? Frankly I think it sounds horrible. The audio is in mono instead of stereo, and at a very very very very VERY low bitrate, it sounds like a 32kbps mono dialup Internet stream.

    Thankfully after some registry hacks I was able to turn on true stereo, and setting the BitPool setting up to something in the range of 128-160 from the default of 30 (I assume BitPool = Bitrate?) it sounds a little more better, but still lackluster compared to even the cheapest MP3 player.

    I hope more work is put into the A2DP stack to make it livable.

    Wireless stereo audio is certainly awesome though! 🙂


  8. brian t says:

    I’m using A2DP stereo audio with the S620 every day, in conjunction with an i-Tech BlueBAND headset*. It’s definitely stereo, and more than good enough for walking to work, and wearing around the house while cooking etc., but not "reference" listening. This is straight out of the box, no changes to the phone.

    I think the stereo width is a bit too narrow, but that could be the ‘phones. The low bandwidth mono you describe sounds more like standard " Bluetooth Audio" than A2DP, to be frank. I also have to carry the S620 in a pocket on my right side, or my body gets in the way and cuts the signal! But very definitely worth it, the lack of cables to catch on stuff is liberating.

    * http://www.itechdynamic.com/en/products_spec.asp?cid=3&pid=03010

    About the S620 in general, a couple of gripes are:

    – alarm function is very basic, no way to set the days it should go off or not.

    – No note-taking application installed, though I have M$ OneNote Mobile on it.

    – no screen brightness control – always at max

    Maybe we’ll get a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade? 8)

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