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Our Windows Mobile UK team recently video'd me and has published the videos. 

I hate watching myself but you might find it fun to put a face to a blog....

I got asked what I do and what our Enterprise strategy is.... plus there are some out-takes at the end

Watch here for low bandwidth (250kbps) or high bandwidth for faster connections (500kbps).

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  1. Matthew Hart says:


    I read your blog every day.  It is nice to put a face to the words.

    Matthew Hart

    Florida, USA

    HTC P3600

  2. Martin says:

    haha, nice one Jason, good to see you have a face for bloglines 🙂

  3. Dale Lane says:

    What do you (and the other Windows Mobile UK people) do? I’d be interested to hear how work is split between yourselves, and the Mobile guys in the U.S.

    Does development work on Windows Mobile go on in Reading?


    PS – Suppose I should ‘fess up – I’m UK-based, and would love to work on Windows Mobile, so I’ve got an ulterior motive for wanting to know.  But I still think it’d be interesting for other people to hear! 🙂

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Dale – the UK team is predominantly sales and marketing – the development of Windows Mobile is done in Redmond

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