Education use of Windows Mobile devices

I've blogged about this a number of times previously but I also wanted to share this great video which was shown on the BBC News at Ten recently. 

The News at Ten video shows how school children in Wolverhampton are using Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices to enhance their learning.

There was also an interesting piece on the Childrens BBC (CBBC) Newsround

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  1. Whit B says:

    This is good.  As a teacher, I am concerned that American Educational System administers are applying to many restrictions to students who use WM devices and pdas in classrooms.  Educators are frequently interrupted by ringing phones, which can be dealt with as a behavioral problem.  Educators who are interrupted by students with queries or concerns about information they have found on line during a class, should pay attention to their students…God forbid they should learn something.

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