Kingmax announces worlds first 4GB Microsd Card!

Kingmax have taken the storage capacity of MicroSD cards to new levels with their new 4GB card. 

Performance of the card has also improved.

No specifics on availability as yet.

I'm just blown away by how small and how much storage capacity these MicroSD cards can support!!

More details on Engadget

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  1. OffBeatMammal says:

    darn, this is getting silly.

    how long until we can get a terrabyte on an embedded rfid tag that will interface with every device we’re in touch with?!

  2. Sébastien Mouren says:

    You’ve been captured by PR sirens.

    These are MicroSD HC card and to my knowledge (I hoped you could have enlighten us), neither Windows Mobile devices could currently read them.

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