2007 – the year of BIG Windows Mobile devices?

Well 2006 was definately the year of smaller Windows Mobile devices as we saw the miniscule HTC S620, Blackjack, Samsung i320 and i-mate SPL emerge. 

With all the speculation it looks like 2007 might be the year of BIG Windows Mobile devices.

Slashgear spotted a Tatung supposed UMPC form factor device that was running Windows Mobile at Computex 2006.



Slashgear was also carrying pictures of the HTC Athena device too.

When I talk with customers many are looking for the old XDA 2 style devices with a 3.5 or 4 inch screen for line of business applications as most of the newer devices seem to be carrying smaller (and square) screens.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts - do you want bigger devices, do you see demand for them?

Please post a comment on your thoughts!

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  1. SlashGear steals photos usually not giving credit or giving credit on the last page. Please link to ORIGINAL stories, Jason Langridge, or you contribute to theft!

  2. patrickj says:

    I think the answer will turn out to be BOTH. I agree with a lot of what Michael Mace wrote in a recent post called ‘Phones = cars’ (http://mobileopportunity.blogspot.com/2006/12/phones-cars.html)on how there is no single device that pleases everyone (of course). But it also seems like just as some folks have a day-to-day car, and then one they just take out on weekends etc., we will see more people using mutliple devices. I could see myself going that way anyway when I see devices like the Athena …

  3. Kevin Daly says:

    I definitely want something bigger than all these square-screened Blackberry clones (and that goes for the itty-bitty keyboards as well…bring back the sideways-sliders – Please).

  4. Actually, I don’t want bigger device. And I don’t want small device either. And you definitely do not want two phone number and two mobile plans.  You see, sometimes you want small so it fits into a pocket and sometimes big so you can read comfortably. How do people achieve this with ordinary computers? They carry around a small one and connect it to a big screen when necessary. So: I want 5" or even 7" screen with dock for the smartphone. I insert the smartphone and now can browse Web and read documents on 7" 800×600 screen instead of 160×120. Same mobile plan, same device, same applications, same favorites, same contacts.

  5. MSDNArchive says:

    Editor – Msmobiles.com – which pictures are you referring to – the Tatung device?  They were in a whole series of pictures from here http://event.adtecsys.com/repo2006/cptex_taipei/index35.html however I was referring to the article Slashgear wrote.

    Did Msmobiles.com originate these?

  6. MSDNArchive says:

    Patrickj – i agree completely – every device is personal preference.  I still have customers who love the Sierra Wireless Voq!

    Ultimately it has to be the right tool for the right job however the change I am seeing is that we are seeing lots more larger screen devices whereas recently devices have been getting smaller….

    Kevin Daly – check out the P4350 for the side slider! That device is great!

    Mikhail – I’m with you too!  I’ve been sharing my thoughts very similar with a number of OEMs hoping that one day someone will build a device with a slide out (small) smartphone but a much larger device for other activities.  

  7. OffBeatMammal says:

    I love the idea of a multi-form device…

    My HTC Wizard is too big for comfort (and PocketPC is still a sub-optimal one-handed phone experience) but has great functionality… although it’s limited!

    A device (SideShow like perhaps) that can work as a minimalist  phone but slip into a PocketPC/UPMC type format to take on extra capabilities (Word, OneNote, Email)

    Of course then there’s the space waste associated with the extra chassis, batteries, connectors etc

    Perhaps the solution would be to package the guts (SIM, RAM etc) and have it slot in (PCExpress card format?) into different bodies depending on what you need – cool flip phone, PocketPC, UPMC or full laptop….

    Why do I think the folks in MED will hate me for wanting that!

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