DAYLIGHT Saving changes and windows mobile

You may or may not be aware but as part of the Energy Policy Act, daylight saving time is extended by four weeks in 2007 and in subsequent years. This change affects the following time zones:


GMT-3:30 Newfoundland

GMT-4 Atlantic

GMT-5 Eastern US

GMT-6 Central US

GMT-7 Mountain US

GMT-8 Pacific US

GMT-9 Alaska


So basically US and Canada....

If you have a Windows Mobile device you may need to make some modifications to the registry to accomodate this change. 

Details of how to do this are contained HERE

For more information about daylight saving time changes in the United States in 2007, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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  1. Andrew says:

    Speaking of WM5 and timezones…

    I live in California, but have come back to the UK for Christmas (brrrr!), and my girlfriend’s visiting her family in Buffalo.

    Whenever I receive a text from her the time is shown as GMT-8 Pacific, not GMT or GMT-3. This is doubly confusing –  not only is the sorting of messages screwy but I find myself doing two time-zone conversions if she sends me a message!

    Do any of the WM5-using readers know a fix for this? I’ve tried adjusting both the home time and visiting time, but neither has any affect and I can’t see any related options.

  2. Following on from my Daylight Saving Changes post . You should also be aware that any device which uses

  3. I blogged late December about the Daylight Saving Changes that are being implemented as part of the Energy

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