Windows live search mobile beta available

You can now try the Windows Live Search Mobile Beta !

The Windows Live Search Beta for mobile application gives you fast access to local search and maps, driving directions, and even local traffic information. When you get your search results, you can click to call the phone number of the place you found, or even look at a satellite photo (on some phones) to find the best parking nearby!

I've been using this for the past few weeks and it's a fantastic application... it's been very handy whilst I've been in Seattle this week!

The team over at Mobility Today have also created a great video podcast where you can see them demo'ing the product!

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  1. Art Cube says:

    What about the install?  This download has an xml file.

  2. eufreka says:

    Well, my quick take is:

    ahem, when it installed it chose the name "Search" without regard for the fact that WinMo5 already has a program called "Search"…

    So now I have a "Search(1)" sitting next to the original. Granted, the new one has the Live icon, but hey, really….you have to be kidding, right.

    Also, very few locations are supported for traffic.

    Finally, when I started choosing map views and zooming in, it stopped refreshing the screen.

    What started out as "Impressed" turned into "Depressed"

  3. Jason says:

    eufreka – remember this is a beta so you may have some issues however your feedback helps us make it a great product when it releases

  4. eufreka says:

    Well, I’ll add a few more thoughts then…

    first, I was earlier using it landscape…so i tried it some more portrait, and had better results…however, I decided to give it a real world test with my gps receiver and found that it is definitely not a replacement for dedicated mapping software…

    The refresh of scrolling maps couldn’t keep up with 30-40 mph traffic. I tried a route, only to find that it cannot recalculate based on actual location, etc. There appeared to be no way to load a destination from my contacts, for example…

    I can imagine ways it could be exciting, but i don’t think there is any hope for it to really resolve the above issues…(in particular, building a web-based itinerary and then accessing it on the road would be nice…

  5. Dave says:

    Who do we provide feedback to?

    There doesnt seem to be a email addy/forum etc

  6. Jim says:


    When I grow up, I want to be like you! Thanks for your blog and keeping the other mobile geeks up to speed. Do you have a peer in the Western US, I would like to meet them. I am evangelizing mobility for my company and customers. -Jim

  7. John says:


    My name is John and I’m an SDET on the mobile search team at Microsoft. Thanks for your positive and constructive comments on our app. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send mail to or directly to me (johnlynn at


    The ability of our app to keep up with you while driving is really dependent on the network connection. That’s the sacrifice we were willing to make to put the world in your phone with only a 350k install. Also, our goal was to provide a great search app. Maps and directions are still extremely important, however we’re not trying to be a navigation app like TomTom. Thanks for the feedback. Regarding your requests: you may be pleasantly surprised with future releases :).

  8. George B says:

    Great and awesome app but would be nice if voice directions would be possible

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