working from home – snow hits seattle

Every time I come to Seattle I always find the weather very similar to the UK.  It's rainy and gray a lot....

There is a running joke that it only rains in Seattle twice a week - Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday!

Seattle also seems to have the same problem coping with even the tiniest sprinkling of snow (just like we do in the UK)



There was a snow dump on Sunday and now a lot of roads are covered in black ice and snow.  Most people can't make it into the office due to the road conditions..

So why am I telling you all this... well I got an interesting email from our Exchange 2007 team who had seen a huge spike in remote email usage through this period as people worked from home.  At one point they had 175,000 incoming connections. 

Exchange 2007 was just running like a dream...

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  1. irblinx says:

    Jason, when you say that we struggle in the UK you should really exclude Scotland as whenever I’m up there I don’t have a problem driving except in the harshest snow. They seem to have a novel attitude of gritting BEFORE the snow is 2 inches thick!

    It’ll obviously never catch on in England, after all what we put on the news if we didn’t have people holed up overnight in village halls and Police Range Rovers dragging articulated lorries off the motorway?

    Without wanting to be too much of an MS flag waver (gotta keep you guys on your toes) the performance of Exchange 2007 doesn’t surprise me, our Exchange 2003 platform is rock solid and the push mail always works like a dream, if it stops working then it usually means that the mobile operator has fallen over 🙂

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