New Windows Mobile ads

If you haven't seen these already - the new Windows Mobile ads can be seen at

The videos centre around “Frank,” the world’s most dedicated Business Power User and a series of overwhelming situations Frank finds himself in, such as getting stuck in an elevator full of snakes

The outtakes are hilarious!

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  1. Is this the same "Frank" I should talk to if I have a drugs problem! (

  2. Gordon says:

    Link doesn’t seem to be working Jason.

    BTW can you tell the person who signed off the adverts in the tube stations to use a UK English ( as opposed to US English) spellchecker on the e-mail in the picture next time 🙂


    (Pedants R us)

  3. irblinx says:

    Distinctly odd!

    Had the actor done something to upset the director? I can’t help but feel that there were far more real snakes than was truly needed in the elevator 🙂

  4. GregMills says:

    Hello. I’m an advertising copywriter in San Francisco, and I worked on the "Frank" web films. Nice to see that the oddness of them registered with someone.

    In the elevator scenario, we were in a sound stage in Los Angeles, and the elevator was a prop bristling with little cameras the size of lipsticks. Most of the snakes were rubber, and our actor/victim was standing in a rubber gasket that fit snugly around his upper abdomen. The poor bastard was in there for two hours, and it got extremely warm and it smelled like a well-used circus tent by the end of the morning. The live snakes were fresh from cameos in the film "Snakes on a Plane".

    All in all, a pleasant way to pass the morning.

    Anyway, thanks for linking to them, and let me apologize to Gordon for the ad agency’s accidental cultural imperialism. It happened out of laziness, rather than any policy of manifest destiny.


    Greg Mills

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