Samsung blackjack battery life

There are a huge number of threads circulating the blogosphere right now about how to extend the battery life of the Samsung Blackjack device.

Everyone seems to *love* the device but want the battery to last much longer.....

Now I got slammed by a few folks after my last post about doubling the i320 battery life... so let me be clear that mileage may vary on any of these recommendations.. 🙂

Firstly Howard Forums have found a way to enable just Edge and GPRS and disable HSDPA which extends battery life (of course if you need HSDPA this is useless).  The solution takes you to a secret administration screen that allows you to choose between HSDPA or EDGE/GPRS.  You have to dial a long number string but I'm sure some smart developer will figure a way round this soon 🙂

Secondly there is now an option to buy a larger capacity battery.  The standard battery is 1200mAh whereas the extended battery is 1800mAh.  You can see the accessories HERE

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  1. edward says:

    Does the extended battery make the form factor larger/thicker?

  2. joneseyy21 says:

    how long is everybody elses battery lasting because mine is lasting like six hours and that is flat out ridiculous if that is the same for everybody else.

    i think there might just be something wrong with my Blackjack

  3. RC says:

    My battery is lasting 10 hours with very little usage.  However, I am also using Good Mobile Messaging which I suspect is contributing to the problem.

  4. Heck says:

    I picked up the Blackjack today and blew through the factory charge on the first battery just customizing things.  However, I’ll will say that after charging the second battery and surfing the net for 20 minutes, I then talked just over 3.5 hours in back-to-back calls and I still have a bar left.  Yes, the phone is shouting at me to recharge, but given the power-consumption rates on 3G networks, I’m not disappointed.  Actually, I’m fairly surprised with the battery performance out of the chute, all things considered.

    And there is the recent addition of an extended battery from Samsung, an 1800mAh OEM Extended job which you can find here, among other places: Battery

    Time will tell on whether this (extra cost) add-on will be worth the bones dropped.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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