Voice Command 1.6 gets released! Now with Bluetooth support

Voice Command 1.6 has just released and is available on Handango

The new features available are:

  • New! Bluetooth hands free control: Bluetooth hands free control enhances your hands free eyes free experience and adds privacy to your spoken notifications. Now you can initiate a Voice Command interaction using a Bluetooth headset and some Hands free car kits*. You can also receive spoken notifications in a whisper mode through the Bluetooth headset keeping you privately up to date
  • New! Spoken Email notifications: You can now configure Voice Command to speak the subject and sender of incoming email messages and the content of SMS messages as they arrive

  • I´ve been using this as a beta for the past few months and the Bluetooth support is excellent!!! 

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    1. Steven Bone says:

      Hi Jason,

      Are they also (finally) planning on releasing an SDK for this version?

    2. Gordon says:

      Jason, Do you have an idea if / when the UK version will be released?

    3. Jason says:

      Rumor has it it doesn’t work on the new i607 Blackjack from Cingular. Since it took so long for MSFT to release this version, any idea if an update will be released?

      Voice control ought to be included in Smartphone. Every other phone has it these days, even cheap ones!


    4. Rob F says:

      Hi Jason,

      I have an SMT 5600.  Does Voice Command 1.6 work on WM 2003 SE for Smartphone?  Also, I can’t find any VC v1.6 product info on microsoft.com.  Will this be updated soon?


    5. John R says:

      I’d like to see a UK release too. Sorry, but I prefer the accent and find it easier to understand.

    6. MSDNArchive says:

      Hi folks – let me answer the questions:

      1) SDK – not planned for this release.

      2) UK, French and German version has RTM’d so we are just awaiting Handango to offer it.

      3) We are investigating the issues with the i607 as we speak….

      4) Voice Command 1.6 is only for Windows Mobile 5.0


    7. fheising says:

      Hi Jason,

      is there also planed a SP-Version for WM 5?


    8. ebadger says:

      1.6 is for PPC and for Smartphone

    9. VPerriello says:

      The i607 seemed to work OK after the second install… but not with the BT! That stinks since the reason I got the software was to work around the lack of voice dialing from BT.

      Hopefully we’ll get to see a quick patch/workaround to get this going.


    10. John R says:

      Thanks for the info about the European versions, Jason!

      Okay, so I upgraded to the UK version of Voice Command 1.6 and installed it on my SPV M5000 (HTC Universal). Now when I did so, I assigned Voice Command to button 4 (previously voice-dial). Not the press-and-hold function, just the press-once function. However, when I press it, I always seem to get the press-and-hold shortcut (Record). Now I could just assign Voice Command to press-and-hold but that’s defeating the object, and also means I get one less shortcut for my hardware buttons.

      Does anyone have any ideas?

      (P.S. It’s definitely Voice Command 1.6 which is doing it. I’ve had 1.5 before which worked fine. I’ve done a ROM upgrade and wiped the device and then reinstalled it, and it did it again. I’ve even had Orange replace the handset).

    11. Steve G says:

      Any update on Blackjack issues?

    12. JohnB says:

      Any update on the BlackJack issue?

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