Pocket power

One of my colleagues pointed me to this solution for charging all your mobile devices without needed a Power Socket.  It’s basically a big battery that you can plug in any device via a USB socket.  You can find more details HERE

Windows live search mobile beta available

You can now try the Windows Live Search Mobile Beta ! The Windows Live Search Beta for mobile application gives you fast access to local search and maps, driving directions, and even local traffic information. When you get your search results, you can click to call the phone number of the place you found, or…


working from home – snow hits seattle

Every time I come to Seattle I always find the weather very similar to the UK.  It’s rainy and gray a lot…. There is a running joke that it only rains in Seattle twice a week – Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday! Seattle also seems to have the same problem coping with even…


O2 launch XDA Orbit in the UK

O2 have just made available the HTC Artemis as the O2 XDA Orbit.  It has a 2 mega pixel camera, integrated Wifi and GPS.  It also comes pre-loaded with the ALK Co-Pilot Satellite Navigation Software.  You can get more details on the device HERE


Samsung blackjack tv ads

I’m over in the US at the moment at our Headquarters in Redmond.  Whilst struggling with my jetlag I saw this Cingular Samsung Blackjack Advert on TV.  I was watching it thinking – wow that’s cool… and then I realised it’s a Windows Mobile device 🙂 I managed to find the video on YouTube 🙂…


New Windows Mobile ads

If you haven’t seen these already – the new Windows Mobile ads can be seen at workwherever.com.  The videos centre around “Frank,” the world’s most dedicated Business Power User and a series of overwhelming situations Frank finds himself in, such as getting stuck in an elevator full of snakes The outtakes are hilarious!


Samsung blackjack battery life

There are a huge number of threads circulating the blogosphere right now about how to extend the battery life of the Samsung Blackjack device. Everyone seems to *love* the device but want the battery to last much longer….. Now I got slammed by a few folks after my last post about doubling the i320 battery…


T-Mobile Dash (and HTC S620) review

The team over at Mobile Tech Review have written a great review of the T-Mobile Dash (also known as HTC S620 or code name excalibur) You can check out the review HERE

Forget the lg chocolate phone….

One of my german colleagues forwarded this to me as a piece of Friday humour 🙂 It’s the Marziphone! 🙂 It’s available now at a discounted price of 9.95 euros.   That’s pretty good value for a qwerty smartphone 😉 http://pocketland.de/product.php?prod_id=33776&SID=f2dd0be6c591dc4d4778b15a930624be

Checkpoint launch ssl vpn solution for windows mobile

Checkpoint have recently launched an SSL VPN solution for Windows Mobile devices that provides some very interesting capabilities. Firstly it supports seamless roaming between networks (3G, WiFi etc..) whilst maintaining session and caching credentials.  It means that you can have a mobile worker solution working irrespective of whether they are in the lift or underground. …