Happy 4th birthday to Windows Mobile Smartphone!

I was off yesterday however Sunday was the 4th Birthday of Smartphone!

The original Smartphone was launched way back in 2002 on October 22nd!

That device was the original Orange SPV!

How far things have come since then!  With new devices hitting the market almost every week (or day on some occasions) the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform goes from strength to strength.

I remember when we first talked about a phone device and being ridiculed about 'will it have Ctrl+Alt+Del keys?' - 'will it have a Blue Screen of Death'

Take a look at the new HTC S610 and Samsung i320 as examples of innovation of the Smartphone!

Last year we sold over 6 million connected devices, Pieter Knook our Senior Vice President is also bullish about the future in a recent interview with Euro am Sonntag which is covered on news.com

I still have my old Orange SPV at home as a keepsake.  The site Smartphonehistory.com has a great amount of detail about the history of Smartphone going back to the old Avenger!

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  1. Celularis says:

    Esto parece una efemérides… el primer Smartphone con Windows Mobile cumplió 4 años. Ese primer modelo era el original Orange SPV que tenía un procesador de 132mhz, miserables 32Mb de memoria pero se expandía con tarjetas SD y MMC y…

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