320×240 Smartphone home screens

If you've just picked up a new 320x240 Smartphone and are looking for some more interesting Homescreens - check out these that are available from HERE

They have been designed with the Samsung i320 but should work on any 320x240 Smartphone


Comments (5)
  1. m@ says:

    Which 320×240 device are you using at the mo?

  2. Jason says:

    I just got hold of both a Samsung i320 (I had a prototype for a while but this is the final build) and an HTC Excalibur (S620)

  3. AB says:

    The pulse and earth homescreens do not install on my Moto Q.

  4. Jobine says:

    Same thing for me, don’t work with Motorola Q

  5. Graham G says:

    Is there a toolkit available for designing your own homescreens? I’ve got an HTC SP5.



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