My blog was quiet yesterday…. vista rc2 install

I didn't get a chance to blog anything yesterday as I was updating my laptop to the latest Vista Build Release Candidate 2 and also the latest Office 2007 build.  

In just a short time using it since I installed I'm certainly finding it to be a lot faster than RC1.  I'm using a Toshiba M400 and it seamlessly installed on my machine and detected the plethora of peripherals I have hooked up at home.

I've got my machine partitioned with my 80GB drive split with 30GB for OS and 50GB for Data so it makes upgrades much easier as I don't have to kill all my data and reload that - just the OS and apps.

I had to install the latest Office 2007 Beta build as I was running a really old build and our Exchange team was blocking old builds to force folks to upgrade 🙂

I have to admit that Office 2007 is the first version of Office for a long while that I've got really excited about!  Outlook 2007 is absolutely awesome for managing email and my task list.  The Ribbon view does take a little bit of getting used to but after an hour or so it seems a lot more natural than hunting through the many menus that existed in previous Office releases. 

I just had to wait for my 2GB mailbox to sync.....


I'm now in the process of reinstalling all my apps so I can get my machine fully back up and running but Windows Live Writer was one of the first so I could blog this 🙂

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